Einstein Fix carry a 30-days warranty on all parts and labuor except for water and physical damaged phones.

Ipod Repairs

Most iPOD repairs are done in-store. We can take care of the display issues, software issues, charging issues, no power, and battery replacement. Please call us for more information.

GSM Unlock

Why unlock? Unlock gives you the freedom to use your phone with other carriers or to travel overseas. All unlocks are done in-store while you wait. We unlock most of the phones on the market like the Blackberry, iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, HTC, and more

Contact Einstein Fix at 073 518 0006 or email us at with your phone make and model for unlocking compatibility. 

Data Transfer

We transfer data that includes: contacts, pictures, text messages, videos, and some ringtones to your new phone or back it up on a CD. We can also print out your contacts on request. Some pictures, text messages, videos, and ringtones transfers might not be compatible with some phones.


Einstein Fix service products for therse brands:

- Blackberry
- Apple iPhone
- Palm Treo
- Nokia
- Motorola
- Samsung
- LG
- Sony Ericcson
- Kyocera